Inside the Box: Exploring Distribution 2000’s Trade Show Initiative

In the logistics industry, where efficiency and innovation are paramount, trade shows serve as a pivotal platform for industry players to showcase their latest advancements and connect with potential partners. Here at Distribution 2000, we’re gearing up for another exciting year as we delve into the heart of our trade show schedule:

(Start) DateEventLocation
1/19/2024SFA’s Winter Fancy Food ShowLas Vegas, NV
3/12/2024Expo WestAnaheim, CA
5/14/2024Sweets & Snacks ExpoIndianapolis, IN
5/18/2024National Restaurant Show*Chicago, IL
6/12/2024KeHe Holiday Show 2024*Chicago, IL
6/23/2024SFA’s Summer Fancy Food ShowNew York, NY
7/14/2024IFT Annual Event*Chicago, IL
10/8/2024NACSLas Vegas, NV
10/28/2024Supply Side WestLas Vegas, NV
11/17/2024PLMA Annual Private Label Trade Show*Chicago, IL
*Distribution 2000 is based just outside Chicago, IL so please reach out to plan a tour or visit of our operation should you be in town for these trade events.

But these events are not just about walking the floor and scheduling meetings; they are about an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression. Stepping onto the floor is like stepping into the heartbeat of the industry, where each booth carries a story of determination and innovation. 

The D2 sales team’s thoughtful planning and collaboration drives our presence at these events. So, we’ve gathered insights from vital team members, each contributing their unique expertise to shape our approach:

Business Development Manager Rheanna Wadlow’s Perspective:

The energy of the trade show floor never fails to spark my excitement. It’s a celebration of the entrepreneurs who pour everything they have (and more!) into their business. These products aren’t just commodities; they’re shaping the future of food and society as a whole. The thrill of witnessing the latest innovations, sampling delicious treats, and connecting with the stories behind each product is what fuels my passion for this industry.

Vice President, Cheryl LaCorte’s Perspective:

The allure of trade shows lies in the unveiling of new products and the stories behind their start. From Quinn’s humble beginnings with a popcorn bag to the latest innovations showcased on the floor, each product represents a journey of creativity and perseverance. I enjoy the opportunity to connect with customers who are friends and to have been able to play a part in the specialty food industry as a key distribution partner for veterans and pioneers of it.

Business Development Manager Rheanna Wadlow’s Trade Show Goals:

At every trade show our primary goal is to ensure that current customers of D2, and its sister transportation management company, Starlite Services Inc., receive a strategic and unified visit from the team. Face-to-face meetings offer invaluable opportunities to connect on the existing partnership or gain insights into upcoming product launches and business initiatives. This is also a great time to foster meaningful connections to prospective customers across the trade show floor and take note of emerging products and industry trends.

Exciting Encounters:

Over the years, the team has encountered many captivating exhibits at trade shows. From extravagant booth builds, to exotic giveaways like camel milk and soap, the experiences are nothing short of extraordinary. Business Development Manager Rheanna Wadlow recalls the buzz generated by PathWater’s attention-grabbing inflatables at Expo West and the glamour of giveaways like trips to Greece. Vice President Cheryl LaCorte, on the other hand, reminisces about the electrifying energy celebrities like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner add to an already buzzing trade show experience.

Chief Executive Officer, Don Risser’s Reflections:

Attending numerous trade shows over the years has been incredibly rewarding. Witnessing the growth of the team and their ability to nurture relationships, identify potential customers and then witness their subsequent success in business growth and product innovation has been particularly gratifying. We’ve established ourselves as a leading provider in the natural and organic industry, a reputation built on the hard work and dedication of our entire organization. I am immensely proud of our team and grateful for their contributions, which have transformed Distribution 2000 to what we are today.

While we are quickly approaching Expo West in March, we look forward to new opportunities to connect with current and prospective customers. Each trade show is not just a gathering of industry professionals, it’s a celebration of innovation, resilience, and the boundless potential of the specialty food industry.

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