Starlite…Delivering your food grade products tonight!

Here at Distribution 2000, we pride ourselves on experience and expertise in the complex logistics space, collected in the more than 20 years we’ve been in business. While most of you know us as a food grade warehouse facility, it’s important to note that we offer true end-to-end logistics solutions for our customers.

How do we provide that end to end support? Cue: our commonly owned sister company, Starlite Services, Inc. (‘Starlite’).

Starlite is a non-asset based transportation partner focused on CPG customers and food manufacturers. Starlite is technologically integrated with Distribution 2000 via a Warehouse/Transportation Management System, providing a true end-to-end, one source logistics partner.

Startlite is an expert in twilight ‘by appointment’ deliveries, getting the best results for customers from the deep experience of working closely with major grocery distribution centers. All because food manufacturers have trusted us to manage their products’ transportation for many years.

Food is a part of our DNA and culture – from the CPG customers we serve, to the food manufacturers’ transportation needs we meet, to the grocery shelves that stock our customer’s product. In the early hours, Starlite is delivering to grocery distribution centers managing inbound operations. Under the light of the stars, the Starlite team works around the clock to closely monitor and facilitate deliveries.

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