Celebrating 25 Years!

Distribution 2000, Inc. is excited to celebrate its 25th Anniversary this year. 

From our humble beginnings 25 years ago in Bridgeview, Illinois, Distribution 2000, Inc., has evolved into a CPG centric 420,000 square foot multi-warehouse operation located in the Chicagoland area, providing national distribution services to specialty, natural, and organic food brands.   

The year was 1995 when Don Risser, our founder, ventured out on his own to build something from the ground up as his legacy.  While the business’s strategic focus has shifted over time, from trying to be “everything to everyone” to specializing in the organic, natural, specialty food 3PL services, the principles we were founded on remain.

In our 25 years, we’ve been tenacious in developing a deep knowledge of the industry we serve and have built long-lasting bonds with our customers.  Through the years we had customers of varying sizes; big-name brands to smaller startups looking for partners to help them grow.  It is our determination in providing excellent customer service to all customers, no matter their size, that sets us apart.

As with many companies, we have experienced many great challenges throughout our 25-year history.  From Y2K to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and everything in between.   One thing has been for certain during these and other uncertain times, we would not be where we are today without our dedicated and steadfast team.  It is because of our team, some of whom have been with us from inception, that we are able to continue to provide quality customer service even during these unprecedented times.  We are continuously inspired by the commitment our team members have shown over the last 9 months to us, and our customers, in showing up every day and rising to the occasion even when presented with such unpredictable and challenging circumstances.

Some of our most challenging times are ongoing, but we continue to execute because of our team members’ commitment, and the hands-on management of our ownership and leadership team.  We celebrate our workforce and all of the hardworking people who’ve made these 25 years a joy.  We look forward to the exciting future that 2021 holds.

We are always looking for motivated new additions for our team.  We welcome people to consider joining our fast paced, high-growth operation.  If interested, please email a resume to jobs@dist2000.com.